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Thacker & Mulvihill Reviews

I cannot express how much I appreciate Attorney Thacker and his professionalism. He handled my case for me and took away so much of the stress of an auto accident making sure I was cared for. At a time like this so much needs to be handled – phone calls, emails, reports – it all gets so overwhelming. I have recommended him to others already even a stranger in the grocery store. Thanks so much Attorney Thacker again for your excellent service you provided me.

My mother-in-law was injured in a car accident and Attorney Greg Thacker looked after her best interests. His care and concern were evident every step of the way. He made sure she got the best medical care and allowed her to focus on her recovery, while he handled the insurance companies. If you are looking for an attorney who is not only skilled and experienced, but who actually cares deeply for the wells-being of his clients; look no further than Greg Thacker. We recommend him highly!

Greg is an amazing advocate for his clients! His knowledge, experience and heart sets him apart from the pack. Highly recommend!

John is the best attorney I’ve ever had. I was in a hit and run, by two people without insurance who stole the car. My neck required surgery. John got all my medical bills reduced, paid, and got me a significant settlement that changed my family’s life. It didn’t cost a penny to me and he did it in less than 6 months. Like I said, a miracle! The other person in the car with me is still getting jerked around by his attorney. He should have hired John! And on top of it all, John is a sweet, kind and patient person. I’ve gotten two referrals for other issues from him and I’ll always go to John first. He’s the best!

I hired John to fight an Accident case for me, twice! Both times were amazing. He kept me up to date, and informed me on what was going on, and was never afraid to take on the big guys and hit them where it hurts…their wallet!!! He is very honest & upfront about the process and does not waste any time in getting the work done and got me the BIG BUCKS! Great Attorney!!

John Mulvihill handled my legal matter with such care and attention to detail. Mr. Mulvihill was quick to respond to any of my legal questions and the resolution of my claim was above expectation.

Often times people mistake accreditations, accolades and job titles for trust, honesty and integrity. Myself and society as a whole have been mislead by professionals in the past. If you find you are at a point in your life where you are faced with a legal battle, you want to make sure you have a trusted legal representative on your side. I chose John Mulvihill to manage litigation for a rear end collision I was in based on a recommendation from a friend and I was so glad that I did … It was nice to not have to worry about the litigation and focus on recovery. John’s experience litigating personal injury cases helped me to maximize the highest settlement without having to be dragged through a trial. I would highly recommend contacting John Mulvihill to meet him and discuss your legal matter. I feel confident that anyone who does will appreciate John’s professionalism.

My attorney John Mulvihill was very easy to talk to, answered all my questions, explained things simply, made himself available and won me a settlement for my case. I was glad a friend referred me to him. Friendly staff too.

John Mulvihill is a great attorney. He is very knowledgeable and keeps you informed of every step of the process from beginning to end.

I was hesitant to file a lawsuit after my auto accident – it is not my style. John Mulvihill handled my case with patience & professionalism – explaining every step along the way. He never pushed me to do anything I was uncomfortable with, and we won the case.

John personally came to our home and immediately put my mind at ease. He really and truly was incredible in helping me to navigate the messy process of dealing with medical bills and insurance claims. I will be forever grateful to John for taking such good care of our family during an incredibly stressful time in our life. He handled everything professionally and gave us a sense of peace and calm when we had none.

Greg is an amazing advocate for his clients! His knowledge, experience and heart sets him apart from the pack. Highly recommend!

I  have known Greg for many years and have even called upon him to represent me. Greg is always prepared, dedicated, aggressive, and responds to his clients when they have questions or need something explained. He is a great lawyer and a compassionate person. I highly recommend Greg, and because my experience has been so positive, I trust Greg as co-counsel with many of my clients. You will not find a better attorney to represent you.

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